Sunday, 23 September 2018

What is Your Favourite Hobby?

What is a hobby? A hobby is, plainly, something you do in your leisure time in an attempt to release some of the daily life stress and tension. However, any hobby could certainly evolve into something more, such as a career or an annoying daily practice; yet, one cannot definitely deny that hobbies and interests have co-existed since the beginning of humanity and they shall remain till the day it perishes. Generally speaking, a hobby has its own importance and its own divisions as well; there're singular hobbies, team-based hobbies, invoked hobbies, crucial hobbies, ..., etc; and the most important factor of a hobby is that it never ceases to be no matter what your age, race, gender, or nationality is - and despite the stage of life. However, it seems that one of the most important facets in a personal hobby stems from the equation of maintaining and benefiting from it at the same time. People, generally, work most of the days without them being conscious of the need to rest and ease their minds and bodies and let others take over instead. Usually, when the person decides to take some time "OFF", it's the green light to bring back what you love and start cultivating your hobbies and interests - such as reading, traveling, some sort of a sport, writing, drawing, fishing, ..., etc. Over the generations, there appears to be a tendency towards considering reading as the no. 1 preferably beneficial hobby; to read is to simply provide oneself with all the luxuries of a decent relaxation time; you want to travel, a book will take you to farthest lands with little cost; you want to experience love for the first time, a romantic novel will take you to cloud nine and then tear your heart apart; you seek fun, excitement, action, mysteries, unsolved dilemmas or exotic experiences, all can be found in reading, reading and reading! All you have to do is to pick the right genre and go ahead.

Of course, reading can be quite time-consuming, for people who truly value the hobby - who are currently not to be found due to the social-media-and-apps craze of the century - but an organized persona can handle it just fine. Sports are also hobbies of great value for youngsters, for instance, as the physical activity drives out negative energy and plays the role of a good outlet for all of the inner fuel of the young spirits; and at the same time, sports teach multiple values practically, such as self-independence, self-esteem, self-respect, teamwork, integrity, loyalty and collaboration. And while sports are beneficial to the physical aspects of the humans, mental health is also, to some extent, nourished with sports. All in all, the type of hobby chosen depends greatly on the character of the person; several inner and outer characteristics determine the choice made; traveling, for example, is the perfect option for explorers and people who get bored too easily and aren't routine-followers. And considering some aspects of any hobby, we can classify hobbies into two categories: a useful hobby is appropriately timed, of certain benefits, lasts over the years and stems from what the person needs to release himself from the shackles and pressures of the everyday routine; on the other side, a useless one is extremely time-consuming, not of many benefits and doesn't perfectly match the needs and desires of the person. The benefits of a hobby needn't, obviously, to be strikingly crystal clear, they could be concealed as well. You could be practising styling tips in your day-to-day clothing choices and costumes; this unconscious hobby of playing mix and match with the clothes can be turned into a wonderful career. If you happen to be watching movies and tv shows for the longest time possible as a hobby in your leisure time, you could as well learn a foreign language as you do so!

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During the time spent practising the hobby, a sense of relaxation and ease somehow descends upon oneself; you're no longer an employee, a father, a teacher, an engineer, or a doctor, you're just a person having fun! And since various sorts of hobbies aren't practised alone - such as sports, music and reading groups - they're indeed a remarkable way of communicating, befriending new people and also strengthening relationships. Personally, I feel that certain good hobbies, not only entertain oneself and lessen the daily pressure, but also they can be turned into careers that may last a lifetime, but such a decision requires a lot of dedication, effort, sacrifice and time. So, if you have abandoned your favourite hobby for too long, go back and indulge leisurely in it, you may as well discover something you've never come across before.

• Written on May 2016. 

In My Blood (Elaboration)

In My Blood
Performed by Shawn Mendes


Help me, it's like the walls are caving in
Sometimes I feel like giving up
But I just can't
It isn't in my blood

What is it that I can do to help myself?
It is impossible to escape these conflicting feelings!
What should I do? Surrender?
It is a choice I get to make ..
Still, it is not me!!

Laying on the bathroom floor, feeling nothing
I'm overwhelmed and insecure, give me something
I could take to ease my mind slowly
Just have a drink and you'll feel better
Just take her home and you'll feel better
Keep telling me that it gets better
Does it ever?

Staring into the void .. would it get me any where?
I'm in a chaotic world, I am abandoning my own self;
Thousands of feelings are taking over? How could I choose?
I am led to the void once again; back to nothing; what do I need to loosen a bit? I need something .. anything!
Abundance of guidance engulfing me .. Is it gonna be leading me for the BETTER .. You never know!

Help me, it's like the walls are caving in
Sometimes I feel like giving up
No medicine is strong enough
Someone help me
I'm crawling in my skin
Sometimes I feel like giving up
But I just can't

Should I follow my heart?
All of it depend on my own choice of my own path,
The guidance is fading away,
I cannot reach it; abandonment;
It is within me; emerging from deep within;
I'll surrender ..
No .. It is not me, neither my morals.

It isn't in my blood
It isn't in my blood

How hard would it be; you never know; I guess ..
The real me will figure it out.

Looking through my phone again feeling anxious
Afraid to be alone again, I hate this
I'm trying to find a way to chill, can't breathe, oh
Is there somebody who could ..

Looking past every thing; penetrating the core;
Alone .. scared ..
Breathe, it's gonna be OK .. I am crashing against myself; broken,
Where is the path? My PATH?

Help me, it's like the walls are caving in
Sometimes I feel like giving up
No medicine is strong enough
Someone help me
I'm crawling in my skin
Sometimes I feel like giving up
But I just can't

It will arrive .. HELP ..
Some body is appearing in the far distance,
Looming in the horizon,
I just have to be patient,
It's getting darker, harder, ..
Maybe this is the end .. I'm done .. I can feel it
No .. Wait .. It is me!

It isn't in my blood
It isn't in my blood

I'm pulled out; rescued; by who?!

I need somebody now
I need somebody now
Someone to help me out
I need somebody now

It is not arriving,
It is not coming,
Too late,
No one has come!

Help me, it's like the walls are caving in
Sometimes I feel like giving up
But I just can't

I'm losing,
I've reached "the end", ..
The end before the new start,
It has arrived, some one came, standing at the very end,
I see him .. standing next to me .. within me ..

It isn't in my blood
It isn't in my blood
It isn't in my blood
I need somebody now
It isn't in my blood
I need somebody now
It isn't in my blood.

It is ME,
It has always been me,
I am pulled together,
I am my own godfather,
No one is needed,
The blood running through my veins will suffice.

Monday, 27 August 2018

The Greatest Showman Review

Recently, I decided to entertain myself through the wide range of movies that have been released in the past months; however, "The Greatest Showman" happened to be the movie of choice that my sibling and I decided to give it a shot. Initially, we thought that just by picking a "Hugh Jackman" movie, the show is undoubtedly going to be a great one, the uniquely intriguing talent of Hugh Jackman is going to put the movie on fire; in fact, the Australian actor has been one of our favourite performers throughout the years, and we've come to the resolution that he never fails to impress simply because he extremely rarely takes the wrong route. As the journey started, we got to know the main character, Barnum, how he struggled since his childhood yet he never really lost hope or ambition; he's been through some serious times of desperation, yet it never truly sank deep inside the character that he's not going to make it. It's very wierd how we thought that the movie is going to strictly revolve around the main character, because the moment the secondary characters - who are not by any means secondary - started seeping through, the movie started to take a different approach.

It's definitely clear that this amazing musical movie is here to serve a greater end than just to entertain; the undercurrent messages the movie encases are just incredibly relatable. You can't treat people based on their exterior solely, you have to take a look deep inside in order to truly see what they are made of. Each and every character played a decently integral part of the entire show. The bearded lady, for instance, appears of nowhere - we're pretty astonished and curious when upon her debut - and at the beginning when Barnum finds her, she gives the illusion of a weak and neglected human being; however, as the show progresses, one can definitely see that she is very strong and more than willing to fight the wrong norms of the society she lives in; perhaps all she needed was a helping hand or a courageous soul that can show her that she is way more than her looks and her capabilities can suppress people's deluded mindsets. I believe that Barnum was just the right propeller to her; perhaps his intentions weren't quite righteous at the very beginning, yet with his guidance or without it, the bearded lady is enough on her own to pull herself out of the mud. Of course, the human being cannot live by his own, but people in our lives can only help us if we let them to. The most beautiful element about "The Greatest Showman", indeed, is that the movie brings out the positive effects of being and acting as a true human being, a true human being who doesn't encourage violence, hatred or bullying. On the contrary, the human being should encourage and promote love, compassion, solidarity and unity.

The most standout moment of the movie, however, that truly made it all more intriguing is the one in which Jenny Lind performs "Never Enough"; the performance was so powerful and emotive that it deliberately, unconsciously, imposed an aura of complete silence and attention to the very beautiful song and the very expressive performance.

And then there is the story of the forbidden love between Philip Carlyle and Anne Wheeler; their love is doomed before it even starts and their story poses forward the very jundumental and brutal views and opinions of an uncivilized society, a society that can separate two connected spirits only on basis of skin colour and social status. Yet, it's their decision not to surrender and to "Rewrite the Stars" willingly and in spite of what any one thinks or believes. And that's why Philip defiantly stands in the face of his parents and tells them that if being socially acceptable means letting go of the one you meant to be with, then he doesn't want to be accepted by this dark and weak society.

The dialogues are, also, very well-composed, effortlessly transferring meaning though the right words. Mr. Bennett from the Herald is one good character whose words convey to Barnum that all of his intentions are not as good as they seem. "The creed of a true fraud" is the line Mr. Bennett used to show Barnum that he's not what he pretends to be; he deceives people into fake entertainments, and is not apologetic about it. Yet, what seems to be initiated as pure business manoeuvres turns to be the greatest show ever, a show that concealingly celebrates humanity, wipes away unnecessary boundaries in an attempt to illuminate the best part of being human: equality.
It can be safely said that "The Greatest Showman" has successfully managed to retrieve the long lost love for musicals; before watching this spectacular movie, I don't honestly remember when was the last time I genuinely enjoyed watching and unravelling a musical journey. And despite his one of a kind history, Hugh Jackman never takes any thing for granted and he never ceases to fully impress and, most importantly, express. Watching Jackman as P.T. Barnum has conveyed the feeling that we almost never actually saw this veteran actor in action before - I totally forget he is the legendary Wolverine; he is not only one of the most important actors of all times, but also he is a hardworking and a genuine performer and human being.

Of course, the movie comes across as trying to not to miss out on any of the main elements of entertainment, and intellect as well; however, it gets slightly bored towards the end of the show and it's probably because the whole of the songs are well-written and also well-positioned, but one can't fully comprehend each song and its lyrics to the core due to the fact that there are way too many of them. Portraying what a narrow perspective and inhuman vision could do to people, turning them into soul-less creatures, and how a society, based on its shallowness, could disregard its resources due to discrimination, are the main themes  initially conveyed by "The Greatest Showman"; and as you dig deep into the subplots, multiple themes are to smoothly emerge, these subplots are, unquestionably, the ones that hold the entire show together and transform it into the one alluring entity that it actually is!

Monday, 6 August 2018

The Aesthetic Sea - II

The sea, in fact, represents and symbolizes numerous things to the average sea-goer; it is the generator of new energy during vacations and off times; it is the perfect place to spend summertime, for closely nearby crowded beaches and sea shores always offer so much fun and pleasurable activities simply by means of the nature of the place. Yet the sea represents a lot beyond fun for scientists; scientists, sea archaeologists, and other experts are deeply interested in the deep aspects and living species in the watery worlds. The humongous growing population of earth, every specific year, definitely demands maintainable, renewable resources of food and water. And unless we nourish and nurture our presently available resources on earth, we shall, unquestionably, suffer from the lack of trust-worthy, renewable resources of life supplies. Not to forget that water for earth populations are handed by our seas and rivers. Such researches open before humanity new horizons and fields as to how to benefit all of the species on earth from the watery world that existed for zillions of years, yet is barely righteously utilized.
The challenge sea provides for humans is, indeed, one of a challenge; however, if humanity believes that the victories it has managed to accomplish regarding sea life and oceans are quite "The Accomplishments", then it is, simply, mistaken. The marvellous world of the earthly seas, oceans, rivers, watery species and plants is a never-ending adventure, an adventure humanity cannot possibly fully grasp; Humanity can only coexist with this world, for without the sovereignty of it, there isn't actually any life left to be lived.

Monday, 4 June 2018

The Aesthetic Sea - I

Date: Sunday 22nd / May / 2016.

The attitudes people tend to have towards seas and oceans, generally, have developed and gone so far from what they used to be in the ancient decades - or at least that's what I think: optimistically, they've become more intimate. Sea represents multiple ideas and themes, for instance: power, tyranny, mystery, influence, loss of loved ones, relationships, sovereignty, hatred, adoration, loss of identity, physical strength, fragility and so on and so forth; it includes enormous themes, abstract or concrete. It, to some extent, depends on how man approaches it and what kind of man he is: fearless, powerful, ironically courageous, weak, stubborn, ambitious, coward, ... etc. Yet people's points of view towards the watery surroundings - have indeed changed - are still changing, developing, as well as maturing over time which is destined to happen due to the technological advancements that affect humanity. Hence man's attitude towards the power of seas transformed from stage one of fear, awe, and unwillingness, to reach stage two of courage, knowledge and identification, which is, by far, considered a terrifically magnificent achievement: a jaw-dropping accomplishment, yet man has a long way to walk in the direction.
Initially, the attitudes towards the sea were dominated by the feeling of inferiority of man himself before the awe-inspiring huge waves and powers of water; this feeling of inferiority was, pretty much, implemented by the inability of men to conquer the mysteries of the huge watery lands; the attempts to vanquish these deep lands were crowned with failures during several stages of man's history.
Yet, in today's life, the fear of sea, partly, vanished, and was replaced by the dream to finally conquer the deep lands. The huge walls of this mystery are slowly starting to divulge their hidden secrets and man is initiating his self-assuring stage to explore the watery worlds of earth.
The points of view of people varies, chiefly, between two types of residents: on one hand, we have residents living near a sea or on an island; on the other hand, there are residents who have never lived by a sea, never experienced the aromatic atmosphere of being enveloped by its air. The two different lifestyles, considering the watery lands, form people's attitudes. People on islands, residents by the gigantic oceans, individuals accustomed to walking alongside the water for long periods, feel a sense of familiarity and fearlessness, and even courage. They've lived nearby the coast for enough period of time that it has become a daily ritual, such as the meeting of a regular friend; it has turned into more of a family member. Meanwhile, respectfulness and reverence towards the watery world still dominate. This world provides them various resources, represents them with multiple generosity, and symbolises a whole lot of things: it is a source of food, minerals, jewels, comfort, vacation, calmness, subtlety, serenity, humbleness, ... etc. And whether or not these elements are concrete, the sea still hovers over their lives. Contrary, people who have never been through such an experience, who live far away from any watery entity, who are significantly surrounded by land, are completely - mostly - ignorant of what seas and oceans represent to the planet earth. For them sea is a total mystery; they haven't experienced it as mush and as a result they lack essential palpable information about it. 

Sunday, 8 April 2018

The Soulful Performer: Shawn Mendes - II 

"Bad Reputation" is also undeniably a beautifully touching song; its lyrics digs deep, using relatable words and phrases. Mendes, choosing such an issue and coming up with such a beautiful song, proves that he is an absolutely talented song writer, at such a young age - co-writers are Geoffrey Warburton, Scott Harris. Several versions of the song, by other singers, have been uploaded to various social websites, and each version carries its own taste; yet the song "Bad Reputation" ultimately belongs to Shawn Mendes, for he adds a special aromatic sensation to it, especially through his live performances. It can be approached from various angles, and here resides its beauty. Social conformity - she got a bad reputation, nobody gets too close;  psychological struggles - she takes the long way home; mutual understanding - nobody knows the way that I, I know her, said; bad reputations - and all of my friends seen her naked; false adulthood - or so the story goes; and genuine approach - let me see what's underneath, all I need is you - are all themes which can be generated just by scratching the surface of the song. "She got a bad reputation" initiates the song smoothly, implying the fact that there is more to come and there is yet another face to the story. The indication to humans' similar mistakes in "Mistakes we all make them" brings to light the false masks people wear to cover up their trips and falls whilst wrongly and non-righteously condemning others. And each and every line carries various and different meanings, themes, ideas which invoke multiple, individualistic responses in the audience. Plus, the addition of the cello - & violins - to "Bad Reputation", in MTV unplugged version, is certainly a treat to our tastes.
All of the Canadian singer-songwriter's songs, in fact, induce multiple sorts of ideas and inordinately diverse themes. Shawn Mendes follows the method of the obvious, the subtle yet the meaningfully aesthetic and the provocative in creating his music, hence there is a great deal of similarity between the first album "Handwritten" and the second album "Illuminate", although "Illuminate" is characterized with his maturity and progressive, evolutionary artistry.
To some extent, modernism and diversity are Shawn Mendes' goals of creating his music. The only downside, prior to MTV unplugged, somehow, was the lack of the variety of instruments; for his songs - I believe - are primitively raw, bare, and most importantly, individually grasped and experienced; yet, if innumerable themes are drawn from his songs with just little utilization of some musical instruments, what genres of themes shall be drawn if more instruments are incorporated! Unlimited genres.

• written on 6th Nov. 2017

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Whole Language as a Method of Acquisition

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To define the approach of the "Whole Language", as a start, demands that we admit the fact that an individual can not possibly learn a sole language skill in isolation from the other skills. All language skills - the four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing - are to be acquired together, in unity. In fact, treating language as a whole grants the learner the chance to experience the language altogether. Breaking down the unity of language, into chunks, creates obstacles and holds back learners' natural drive to acquire the language. On the contrary, combining skills and creating real-life experiences motives the learners to take a step forward, and to initiate the journey of fluently using language. So, the more real experiences the facilitator creates, the more the learners are encouraged to participate; the more society-based situations introduced, the more all of the four language skills are utilised. And the facilitator here resembles the teacher in the traditional methods of language acquisition; but he is no more an authority, but embodies, more closer, the role of a partner of the learner. He does not seek to dictate orders and awaits obedience; but he tends to facilitate the process of language acquisition and to bind the obstacles that might hinder the process of communication.
One of the main pillars of the "Whole Language" method is the realism of situations. Reality, according to each learner, needs to be an aim. Using learners' outside-of-the-learning-institution incidents, exchanges, problems, situations, and the like, provides the acquisition of language with a sense of eagerness, and prompts the learners to express their ideas, feelings, thoughts, ... in a more elaborated manner; it essentially makes language learning their very own experiential choice. They tend to be driven by the desire to utilise language skills, correctly, and to extend their ability to manifest their personal progression in acquiring the language. And, as a result, the entire of the process converts its focus to the learners. Social context, in addition, contributes to the before mentioned desire. For instance: "a man is harassing a woman sexually and is exhibiting degrading manners and a whole lot of domestic violence acts"; such a situation is unlimitedly encountered in several societies; How would learners react? How would any human being react? Of course, the previous situation is quite an intense one to react to, especially for beginning  and young learners. So the scale of maturity - plus other factors - rules the type of social context deployed. Based on the learners' capabilities, ages, proficiencies, eagerness, the facilitator tries his best to create the best environment he possibly can to enable the learners to communicate as if in real life scenes. Yet confining learners within a precise environment, even if it is an imitation of reality, may limit their abilities and prevents them from unleashing their linguistic powers. Hence learners have to communicate with the outside world as well; with native people, through real unexpected scenes. Such an experience will raise their confidence and allow self-assessment of how much have been accomplished and how much awaits accomplishment.

David Pratt's CURRICULUM Design and Development 

There are, essentially, no strict rules guiding the "Whole Langauge" approach; but the guideline to adopt, in favour of learners, is that the "Whole Language" approach is definitely a learner-based approach. The learner determines every aspect of the language acquisition process, not because learners need to be given the upper hand, but because once they have selected what they wanna learn and how they wanna learn it, accompanied by the aid of the facilitator, they enthusiastically embark upon the journey of language acquisition and utilisation driven by their deep desires to achieve the goals they've intentionally set for themselves.

What is Your Favourite Hobby?

What is a hobby? A hobby is, plainly, something you do in your leisure time in an attempt to release some of the daily life stress and tens...